Privacy policy and statement

Alluma and our partners have developed this website and Playbook to further our goals of transforming the Social Services sector to better serve all Americans. This website and the Playbook are offered for free as a service to California and other US consumers.

The privacy of California consumers is extremely important and is protected by the California Consumer Privacy Act. This regulation provides specific rights to California consumers in the data that is collected about them and whether that data is subsequently sold or disclosed.

Alluma takes your privacy very seriously. We are designed for privacy. We never sell your data. In fact, we do not keep any of your personal data at all.

There is one collection however that we do wish to disclose. When you visit our website we may collect an IP address, carrier information or information about your browser or device. Some of this data is classified as personal data under California law if it can be reasonably associated to an individual, or if through an assigned unique ID it is used to track interests or patterns of behavior. We do not use any of this data for these identification purposes. This device related data is not associated to any individual and we do not use it for tracking interests or behavior. Websites capture device specific information for establishing a connection and for proper operation. Some of this technical data may be captured in log files as the devices communicate. This information is solely used for establishing communication between the website and the visiting devices. It is typically overwritten in the normal operation of the website.

This privacy policy and statement is reviewed and updated annually.

For privacy inquiries please contact Alluma at

This revision is as of April 16, 2020